Three Cheers to Semen! Health Benefits of Blowjob

If you make a quick search on Google, you can find countless articles that present scientific findings about the health benefits of sex. Though you know that these articles talk about the same thing (or validate what you already know) you must admit that every time you stumble upon a new one, you know that you’re obliged to read it.

So imagine my excitement when I came across a refreshing Yahoo! article that gives special attention to blowjob and semen as facial cream. The article is called “5 Shocking Sex Facts,” and I am very much obliged to share two interesting facts to you.

Giving oral is as good as the gym

Sadly girls, giving oral will only benefit you if you’re the giver not the taker. A study has found that pleasuring a guy and swallowing can lower women’s blood pressure and reduce their risk of getting pre-eclampsia. However, if you don’t have the stomach to tackle your man’s area in this way there are other ways you can lower your blood pressure. Another study found that having regular sex with a partner you lived with could lower your diastolic blood pressure, whilst another study found a link between cuddling and reduced blood pressure. So, although you shouldn’t give up on the gym altogether, ladies, it might be worth swapping your sports kit for something a little slinkier once in a while.

Sperm is a great face cream

Although it’s not a great idea to bottle your man stuff and give it to your girl as a present, it turns out that sperm contains protein, which if applied to the face has the same anti-wrinkle benefits as moisturising creams. Apparently the white stuff can tighten skin and give you a little surgery-free facelift. Interestingly, this isn’t the only benefit sperm has to offer. It also contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose. Plus, if you’re still not convinced that sperm is super, a recent study in Albany found that women who had sex without condoms had fewer signs of depression than women who used condoms or did not have sex at all. Three cheers for semen.”

What say you? Let’s all give head! Wink, wink!

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What Else Can You Get from Giving Blowjobs?

Aside from the health benefits of oral sex, there are other benefits of giving blowjobs. Here, we take a look at them one by one. Those that are self-explanatory are short and sweet, but those that need explanation will obviously be longer.

1. You're not gonna get pregnant.

2. It's a great substitute when you have your period.

"Just like pussy." This is what my boyfriend told me the first time I gave him head. As I got more experimental with my approach later on, he realized that there are "more functionalities" with blowjobs.

3. You can control your man if you give him good head.

Trust me, he won't let you go that easily. I've said this before, and I'm saying it again. Master the art of giving great BJs, and you'll never have to worry about a third party.

4. Blowjobs can be gratifying.

This is perhaps the best reason of all. It's also the most misunderstood. If you submit to your man, you'll do anything to please him especially in bed. You won't understand this during the first few months, but as you go on, you'll understand that the inner satisfaction derived from oral sex is a hundred times deeper than getting fucked (and ejaculating).

If you're a girl, you would probably wait for your man to fuck you. You'll spend the least amount of effort in bed. When the pounding is over, you'll gauge a man's performance based on whether or not you had an orgasm. But if you reverse the situation and try to please your man through oral sex, you'll develop a deeper connection with him.